June 6, 2019

Today we drove to a company which produces RVs to see if they are able to repair our damaged rear bumper. This part is made out of plastic. Since our RV has a little clearing (distance between the ground and the body) and a high overhang (distance between the rear wheels and the end of the body) the bumper sat sometimes on the road when there were holes in the road. This started in Mexico, because there they have bumps in the streets to slow down the traffic. Sometimes these bumps were this high, that the bumpers touched them. And last but not least when we had to drive up or down of ferries there is many times such a low angel between the dock and the vessel that we touched the ground with the bumper. I fixed it with duct tape and it holds quite well. Some people told me to let this fix here in Montevideo. The company which we visited today meant that a fix will not be of a good quality and they wanted to produce new plastic parts. But they need a week to do it. The problem is that our ship arrives here in Montevideo a week early as planed. There-fore we don't have enough time to do it. We have to buy new parts in Europe where they are probably much more expensive. The rest of the day we prepared the RV for the shipment.

June 5, 2019

Today we stayed on the campground and cleaned the RV. The campsite has a storage area for RV's (see picture). Many people let their RV in Uruguay, because the law is not as striked as in other countries. The RV can stay here for 10 years withouit paying tax. The campground switches on the engine evrey week and sometimes they move it a little bit.

June 4, 2019

Today we stayed at the campground Paraiso Suizo. I had to go to the toilet early in the morning and saw the nice sunrise (see picture). Normally I miss sunrises. Since the Paraiso Suizo has no open restaurant or shop we had to drive to the next city to shop (41 km). And we have to get US Dollars since some businesses here like to get US dollars in cash. We have to pay the agent in US dollars which we need to get our RV on the ship. We fought with all ATMs we could find. They give only 200 dollars out at once. But we need about $1500.-. With all tricks and all our credit cards we got $1200.- out today. Therefore we need to do a second run in the next days. Tonight since long time we took our grill out and grilled hamburgers. We learned how to do this in the USA and did it regularly there.

June 3, 2019

Today we stayed at the campground. We cleaned and repaired our RV. Two other Swiss couples are here on the campground. One has an old Swiss postal bus which is transformed into a RV. The interior of the postal bus is really well done. But its a large bus to drive around. The picture shows in the forground the Swiss postal bus and in the background our RV. In the evening we all sat together an had a Chinese Fondue.

June 2, 2019

Today we stayed on the campground in Paraiso Suizo near Montevideo. We started to clean our RV. We will ship our RV from Montevideo back to Europe in about two weeks. And we started to see what is around our campground. As we are close by the sea we went there too. The picture shows the beach next to the campground.

June 1, 2019

Today we stayed on the campground in Paraiso Suizo near Montevideo. Katharina washed a lot of our clothes and I counted the money and payed bills. The picture shows the brick buring plant we saw yesterday.