May 7, 2019

Today we traveled from Esquel to Bariloche (304 km). When we get up in Esquel we were under a thick fog cover and it was 2 ℃ cold. We drove about a half an hour under the fog until we were out at the sun. But later we were under the fog again. When we were out of the fog the landscape was just gorgeous. We drove through a wonderful mountain landscape. The trees are in autumn colors (see picture). In El Bolsón we found even a gas company which cloud fill our gas tanks. Before Bariloche we visited the Colonia Suiza. It is a village which was founded by Swiss immigrants but it is today only a tourist place. I found only one building which reminded me at home. The campgrounds there were closed. Therefore we drove to Bariloche and are here on a campground at the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

May 6, 2019

Today we traveled from Los Altares to Esquel (315 km). For the first 50 km the road was very bad but for the rest of the day it was almost perfect. The road led along a lot of nice rocks (see picture). The landscape got slowly more mountainous. Here in Esquel we are surrounded by mountains. We are again at the foot of the andes at an elevation of 600 meters. We wanted to get gas and let our RV wash here. But we were not successful to find companies which were able to supply what we need. Since the campground is a bit outside the city we cooked our dinner ourselves again.

May 5, 2019

Today we traveled from Puerto Madryn to Los Altares (386 km). Yesterday evening we learned about another point where we could see animals. This morning we drove first to Punta Loma. And we were successful. We saw a colony of see lions. The picture shows some of the many sea lions which live at that point. It seems they stay here all year round. Then we drove to Los Altares. The first 250 km we drove through a flat landscape. Then there were hills and even rocks. The rocks sometimes looked very nice. And the road got very bad. We stopped in Los Altares because here is a campground. The only restaurant in the town was closed. Therefore we had to cook ourselves.

May 4, 2019

Today we traveled from Trelew to Puerto Madryn (170 km). We had a good but cold night at the gas station in Trelew. In the morning it rained. We wanted to drive to Puerto Madryn for two reasons. First, there is another gas company which could fill our gas tanks. Second, there is the Peninsula Valdés where one can see a lot of animals. The weather got slightly better on the drive to Puerto Madryn. Unfortunately the gas company couldn't help us. Then we drove along the coast to the peninsula. According to my information we should already see seals, sea lions, sea elephants, killer wales and other wales from these beaches. But we knew that we are here in the wrong time of the year. Therefore we didn't see any animals except birds. But the beaches as such are very nice. And since its off season we were almost the only people at the beaches. And the weather was now beautiful (see picture). We didn't enter the Peninsula Valdés since they charge an entrance fee. Do see no animal and for a closed campground we didn't want to pay. Therefore we returned to Puerto Madryn and installed us on a campground here. In the evening we walked into the town and had the best seafood pizza of my life.

May 3, 2019

Today we spend most of the day in the hotel working on our pictures and texts. But around midday we did a stroll to the lake. It was nice sunny and warm weather. On the way back to the hotel I took some pictures of the old locomotive from Germany. I attach one picture here. At 5 pm we were back at the car workshop and yes, our RV was ready. Everything seems to work very well. Hurray! And it was only half the price as the first offer. The first weekend in the car workshop we used gas to run the fridge. It used almost all gas up. Therefore we drove first to a gas company. But they couldn't fill our gas tanks. Then we drove to the gas station we stayed already one night and we will spent this night there too.

May 2, 2019

Today we stayed in Trelew In Argentina. I went to the car workshop around noon to get something from the RV. The guys there said everything works fine and they will be finished with the job around 5 pm. But at about 4 pm they called me and said that there are some problems and they need another day to finish the work. We hope now that this will become true since we sit already a week here in Trelew. After the bad message, we went for a walk. We passed the Plaza de Centenario. The obelisk there says that Trelew was founded in 1865 by immigrants from Wales and the place was built 1965 to celebrate the first 100 years of existence. The building in the background is the old train station. The founders of the city built it to transport agriculture good from the region to Puerto Madryn to ship from there. Behind the building is a little locomotive which was built 1936 in Berlin Germany.

May 1, 2019

Today we spent another day in Trelew, Argentina. Here the 1. May is a holiday. All businesses are closed. I hoped they do a parade through the town. But it was silent all day. We went for a long hike to the south of the town. In the evening we found two restaurants open in the center of the town. Both were quite crowded. But we found places and had our dinner. The picture shows an interesting fountain we found on our hike.